TFT Challenger Comp Set 6

Hey Guys! This is Blog Gametimeprime and this guide is about TFT Challenger Comp and Item Build set 6.

Challengers have increased Attack Speed. Upon landing a takedown on their target, challengers will dash to a new target, doubling this bonus for 2.5 seconds.

  • 2- 30% Attack Speed
  • 4- 70% Attack Speed
  • 6- 125% Attack Speed
  • 8-200% Attack Speed


Items build

Camille gains a shield blocking damage over 4 seconds, then sweeps her leg, dealing magic damage to enemies in a cone.

Fiora becomes untargetable as she strikes her target’s vitals four times. Each strike deals 200% of her Attack Damage as physical damage, bonus true damage, and heals her for 15% of the total damage dealt. If the target dies, Fiora will change targets to the nearest enemy.

Kai’sa dashes to the hex furthest from all enemies. She then fires a volley of missiles spread evenly among all enemies that deal magic damage each. For each time Kai’Sa has attacked this combat, she’ll fire an additional missile.

Quinn sends Valor out at her target, dealing magic damage to the target and nearby enemies. The main target is disarmed for 3 seconds and all nearby enemies have their Attack Damage reduced for 4 seconds.

If a target is adjacent to Samira, she slashes with her blade in a cone towards them dealing a percent of her Attack Damage as physical damage to all enemies within and reducing their Armor. This armor reduction can stack. Otherwise, she fires an empowered shot at her target with the same effects and refunds 20 mana.

Passive: Warwick’s Attacks deal an additional percent of his target’s current Health as bonus magic damage, and heal him for the damage dealt.


Yone summons his spirit to attack distant enemies. The spirit is an untargetable, invulnerable copy of Yone and heals him for a percent of the damage it deals. If Yone dies, his spirit dies with him.

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