Akali TFT Items Set 6

Hey Guys! This is Blog Gametimeprime and this guide is about TFT Akali items and comps set 6.

Cost: 5 $

Perfect Execution

Akali dashes through the most enemies in a line, dealing magic damage as she passes through and marking them for 7 seconds. When a marked target drops below a Health threshold, Akali will dash through them, executing enemies below that Health threshold and dealing magic damage to all other enemies she passes through.

  • Damage: 225 / 350 / 2000
  • Health Threshold: 15% / 25% / 90%
  • Secondary Damage: 225 / 350 / 2000

Items Build

What items are good on Akali TFT?


Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel


Hextech Gunblade
Hextech Gunblade


Infinity Edge
Infinity Edge




Chosen allies are cloaked in shadows, gaining Omnivamp, Armor, and Magic Resistance.

  • 3- The Syndicate champion with the lowest current Health.
  • 5- All Syndicate champions
  • 7- All Allies. All bonuses are increased.


Innate: Assassins jump to the enemy backline at the start of combat. Assassins’ Abilities can critically strike, and they gain bonus Critical Strike Chance and Critical Strike Damage.

  • 2- 10% Crit Chance & 25% Crit Damage
  • 4- 30% Crit Chance & 50% Crit Damage
  • 6- 50% Crit Chance & 75% Crit Damage

Video guide

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