Verdant TFT (Origin) Set 5: Comps, Items Build

Verdant TFT (Origin) Set 5: Champions that start combat adjacent to at least one Verdant ally are immune to crowd control for a duration.

  • 2 – 5 seconds
  • 3 – 8 seconds


Items build

Ashe fires an arrow at the farthest enemy, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit and stunning them. If the arrow travels at least 5 hexes, the stun duration is doubled. Enemies within 1 hex receive 50% of these effects.

Kayle ascends throughout the fight, gaining additional bonuses. 1st: Attacks deal a percent of Kayle’s Attack Damage as bonus true damage. 2nd: Attacks explode around the target dealing her Attack Damage and bonus true damage to adjacent enemies. 3rd: Every 7th attack grants Kayle damage immunity for 1 second. 4th: Hits cause swords to rain down around the target, dealing magic damage.

All allies in a large area around Taric are healed and gain Armor for 5 seconds.

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