Counter Elise Wild Rift : Best Picks Against Elise (In Jungle)

I will share the topic: ” How to Counter Elise wild rift?”

Elise have %HP damage and sustain and spiderlings, which makes taking tanker easy.

To counter Elise, you need…

Understand skill of Elise

+ Strong early game
+ Amazing ganks
+ Great sustain
+ Can build AP Offtank or AP Assassin
+ Half of her abilities don’t require mana
+ Very fun
+ High burst
+ Good sustain
+ Strong early ganks
+ Auto hit damage increased by AP
+ Nice escape and chasing(rappel)
+ Dodging spells with rappel
+ %-Dmg missing and current health
+ Good jungle cleartime
+ Changing tower aggression while diving with rapell
+ Fast pusher
+ Objective control
– Very squishy early game
– No “Ultimate”
– Falls off late game a bit
– Need to land your stun to succeed at ganks (usually)
– Hard to play
– Very vulnerable against CC
– Very weak against counter ganks
– Powerspikes based on items

Who can counters Elise wild rift?

Best Picks Against Elise (in jungle): Rengar, Kha’zix, Lee sin, Xin zhao, Olaf,…

Support counters Elise: Sona, Janna, Lulu, Alistar, Braum,..

Worst Picks Against Elise (in jungle): Gragas, Master Yi,..

Items counters Elise wild rift?

Tips counter

  • When he was low-blooded, the Spider-King was a threat, and when he had more blood, the Human Form was more frightening.
  • RAPPEL only helps Elise move up and down, unless she can land on an enemy.
  • RAPPEL has a long cooldown, make use of it when Elise is finished using it.

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