Counter Rengar Wild Rift : Best Picks Against Rengar (In Jungle)

I will share the topic: ” How to Counter Rengar wild rift?”

Rengar is one of the strongest jungle champions who has the ability to 1v1 nearly every jungler in the early game and his clear speed is very good.

Rengar will kill you if you run into him in the jungle with lower health.

to counter Rengar, you need…

Understand skill of Rengar

+ Insanely fun to play
+ High Burst / One Shotting
+ Variation on Fero Spells
+ Attack speed steroids
+ Bush Jumps
+ Very adaptive
– Hard to master
– Very unique Playstyle
– Rip if they group
– Only Camouflage
– Interuptable ult
– Countered by tankyness

Who can counters Rengar wild rift?

Best Picks Against Rengar (in jungle): Wukong, Amumu, Rammus, Olaf, Xin Zhao,..

Support counters Rengar: Janna, Alistar, Braum,..

Worst Picks Against Rengar: Vi, Gragas, Jarvan IV,…

Items counters Rengar wild rift?

Using items increased armor as:

Tips counter

  • Rengar is empowered by one skill while the Ferocity bar is here. Keep it low then let’s fight him.
  • Rengar’s passive allows him to jump out of dust, so if you want to take him down, you should stay away from the dust.
  • There will be indication of the enemy champion closest to Rengar when he is in Camouflage when using his ultimate.

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