Dawnbringer TFT Set 5.5: Comps, Items Build

Dawnbringers rapidly heal some of their maximum Health the first time they drop below 50%. When this occurs, all allied Dawnbringers gain 12% bonus damage.

  • 2 – 30% of Maximum Health.
  • 4 – 60% of Maximum Health.
  • 6 – 90% of Maximum Health.
  • 8 – 130% of Maximum Health.


Items build


Garen calls down a sword that strikes a large area around his target, dealing % of each target’s max Health in magic damage and reducing their Magic Resist by 50% for 8 seconds. Garen gains a shield equal to % of his maximum Health for 5 seconds.


Gragas drinks from his cask, granting him % of damage reduction for 4 seconds, and causing his next attack to deal bonus magic damage.


Karma fires a burst of energy towards a random enemy’s location that detonates upon impact, dealing magic damage to adjacent enemies, and reducing Karma’s maximum Mana (down to a minimum of 10). Karma empowers every third cast, causing it to launch 3 bursts of energy toward different targets instead of 1.


Kha’Zix slashes the nearest enemy, dealing magic damage. If the enemy has no adjacent allies, this damage is increased.


Nidalee transforms into a cougar, leaping behind the lowest Health enemy. While in cougar form, Nidalee gains 45% Dodge Chance and her Attack Range is reduced to 1 hex. Her every 4th attacks deals bonus magic damage.


Riven empowers her blade, stunning nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds and dealing them magic damage. For the next 8 seconds, she gains bonus Attack Damage.


Soraka calms the area around the enemy with the highest current percent Mana, dealing magic damage to all enemies hit and increasing the cost of their next ability.

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