LoL Counter Zeri – ADC (Bottom Lane)

Hey, We are Gametimeprime and this guide is about way to counter Zeri. Discover all champions, Items, Tips to counter Lucian.

Champions that counter Zeri

Bottom Lane

Best Picks Against Zeri

Worst Picks Against Zeri

Items that counter Zeri




How to counter Zeri ?

When Zeri using ultimate you should aovid her. Because ultimate unleashes an AOE attack, then gives Zeri bonus movement speed, damage, and attack speed. The duration of the ultimate is also extended anytime Zeri attacks an enemy champion.

Her Spark Surge ability causes her to dash a short distance. If the ability is cast toward a wall, Zeri will jump over the wall or grind on top of it depending on the angle.

Understand of Zeri:

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