LOL Wild Rift Nunu Guide

League of Legends: Wild Rift Nunu Build Guide| Runes, Item Builds. Get to know how his abilities and ability Order for Nunu. Nunu is the only fun tank in the jungle, his damage can kill almost any champion when he hits 6 and if he gets a full ultimate charge off..


  • Role: Tank
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  1. PASSIVE – CALL OF THE FRELJORD: Nunu increases the attack speed and movement speed of Willump and a nearby ally, and causes Willump’s basic attacks to damage enemies around the target.
  2. Skill 1 – CONSUME: Willump takes a bite out of a minion, monster, or enemy champion, dealing damage and healing himself.
  3. Skill 2 – BIGGEST SNOWBALL EVER: !Willump creates a snowball that grows in size and speed as he rolls it. The snowball damages and knocks up enemies.
  4. Skill 3 – SNOWBALL BARRAGE: Nunu throws multiple snowballs that damage enemies. When he’s finished, Willump roots any champions or large monsters that were hit by a snowball.
  5. Skill 4 – ABSOLUTE ZERO: Nunu & Willump create a powerful blizzard in an area that slows enemies and deals massive damage at the end.
+ Easy to play.
+ Fun kit.
+ Tank.
+ Great at ganking.
+ Strong in team fights.
+ Good substain
+ Can easily comeback.
+ Flexible between AP and Tank.
+ Fits very well in current jungle meta.
+ Good at solo invading and counter jungling.
– Heavy Reliance on Team.
– Weak When Behind.
– Poor Brawler.
– No Late Game Damage.
– Ultimate Easily Disrupted.
– Poor Defensive Scaling.

Nunu’s Spells Wild Rift

Nunu’s Runes Wild Rift

Nunu’s Items Wild Rift

Nunu’s Starters


Nunu’s core items

Full Items

  •  Jungle Nunu Item Build
  • Best Item Build VS AP Champions

Nunu’s Ability Order Wild Rift

Skill Order: Skill 1 > Skill 3 > Ultimate -> Skill 2


Combo Nunu Wild Rift

Full combo: Skill 2 -> Flash -> Ultimate -> Skill 3 -> AA -> Skill 1 -> Skill 3 -> AA -> Skill 3 -> AA -> AA.


Early Game:

  • Be Active on Map.
  • Gank, Gank, Gank!!
  • Target Low Mobility Enemies.
  • Focus Early Dragon ‘s and Rift Herald.
  • Clear Enemy Vision with Oracle Lens.
  • Get Rift Scuttler (if safe).

Mid game:

  • Secured Dragon ‘s + Rift Herald.
  • Engage Team Fights.
  • Peel Your Carries.
  • Secure Vision Near Objectives.
  • Calculated Risks.

Late game:

  • Continue to Engage Fights.
  • Utilize Homeguard Buff from Base.
  • Peel Your Carries.
  • Secure Objectives.
  • Try to Not Throw.

The better follow up your teammate has, the easier to gank. (Any type of CC or burst damage)

If the lane is pushed towards the enemy, the lane is generally ungankable. If the lane is pushed towards your teammate, the lane is generally gankable. There are some exceptions to these rules though.

If an enemy is by their turret, they are susceptible to a tower dive. However, they are only vulnerable to this strategy if they are low on mana, behind in levels (compared to your laner) or if you have an extra teammate with you.

If the lane is pushed towards your teammate but there is a large crowd of enemy minions built up, this lane is typically ungankable. This rule applies to early game (levels 1-6) and also varies depending on the matchup of each laner. Try to follow this rule until you understand matchups more.

Counter-Ganking is as simple as it sounds. If your teammates lane seems gankable, you could shadow the lane and wait for the enemy jungler. Like any other, there are issues with this strategy. You could sit in your teammates lane doing nothing to potentially waste a lot of time for nothing. Setting up a counter gank is a high risk, high reward strategy. Doing this is fully rewarded once you learn how to start tracking the enemy jungler. Once you learn how to do this, you will have more justified, educated guesses based on your knowledge of timing and pathing.

Threats & Synergies



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