Yone Wild Rift Build Guide: Runes, Items and Combo

Hey Guys, I’m Gametimeprime and I will help you find the best Yone build guides for Wild Rift (LoL Mobile). Learn more about Yone’s Abilities, Items, Rune, Combo, Skill order or even ask your own questions to the community!


Wild Rift Yone Spells

Wild Rift Yone Runes

Wild Rift Yone Items

Yone’s starters


Yone’s core items

Full Items

  • Bot lane Yone Item Build
  • Best Item Build VS AD, Assassin Champions

Best Item Build VS AP Champions

  • Best Item Build VS Tank Champions



Yone deals magic damage with every second Attack. In addition, his critical strike chance is increased.


Thrusts forward, damaging all enemies in a line. On hit, grants a stack of Gathering Storm for a few seconds. At 2 stacks, Mortal Steel dashes Yone forward with a gust of wind knocking enemies Airborne. Mortal Steel is treated as a basic attack and scales with all the same things.


Cleaves forward, damaging all enemies in a cone. Grants a shield to Yone, the value is increased by the number of champions hit by the swipe. Spirit Cleave’s cooldown and cast time scale with attack speed.


Yone’s spirit leaves his body behind, gaining Move Speed. When this skill ends, Yone’s spirit is forced back to his body and he repeats a portion of the damage he dealt as a spirit.


Yone blinks behind the last champion in a line with a slash so powerful it pulls all enemies hit towards him.

Ability Order Yone Wild Rift

Skill Order: Skill 1 > Skill 3 > Skill 2


Combo Yone Wild Rift

Tips and tricks Yone Wild Rift

Yone’s early game is generally weaker than most champions. He is easily punished and his weakness in lane stems from his low range, lack of early sustain, and engage.

Mid game generally starts when the first couple towers go down at about 12-15 minutes. In mid game, your job as Yone is to pick up as much gold as possible.

Late game comes around, the main objective is to choke out even deeper vision if you are ahead, force a teamfight to get Baron Nashor , and close out the game.

Pros and Cons Yone Wild Rift

+ Mixed damage.
+ Assassin and Skirmisher.
+ High outplay potential.
+ Resourceless.
– Weak early game.
– No reliable escape.
– Soul Unbound can backfire.
– High skill ceiling.

Threats & Synergies Yone Wild Rift



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