Sentinel TFT Set 5.5: Comps, Items Build

At start of combat, the Sentinel with the highest Health gains a shield that grants Attack Speed each time it is applied. When the shield is destroyed or expires it will pass to the ally with the lowest percent Health.

  • 3 – 200 Shield, 30% Attack Speed, 4 seconds
  • 6 – 800 Shield, 100% Attack Speed, 3 seconds
  • 9 – 2000 Shield, 1000% Attack Speed, 1 second


Items build


Passive: Akshan’s attacks reduce the target’s Armor by 50% for 4 seconds. Active: Akshan launches his grappling hook and swings untargetably toward the farthest enemy, gaining Attack Speed for 4 seconds. Akshan will continue to attack the nearest enemy at double his Attack Speed while swinging.


Galio charges the area around him for 2 seconds, taunting all enemies within while gaining Damage Reduction. Upon releasing the charge, Galio deals magic damage to all enemies within 3 hexes and heals for 50% of the damage blocked.


Irelia surrounds herself with blades for 4 seconds and gains damage reduction, increasing by 10% each time she attacks, up to 90%. When the effect ends she strikes her target as magic damage.


Lucian faces the farthest enemy and fires 16 shots in that direction for 4 seconds, dashing on occasion to keep hitting enemies. Each shot hits for 50% of his Attack Damage and dealing magic damage. Lucian also fires extra shots based on his Attack Speed.


Passive: Olaf gains Attack Speed for each 1% of missing health, and his attacks heal him.


Pyke leaves a phantom at his location, then dashes behind the farthest enemy. After 1 second, his phantom returns to Pyke, dealing magic damage and stunning all enemies it passes through.


Rakan launches a feather toward his target, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit. Rakan then heals all nearby allies based on their missing health, with an increased radius if the feather killed an enemy.


Senna launches black mist toward the farthest enemy. The first enemy hit along the path is stunned for 1.5 seconds, and all nearby enemies are dealt magic damage.

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