LOL Wild Rift Yorick Guide

League of Legends Wild Rift Yorick Build Guide Runes, Item Builds. Get to know how his abilities and ability Order for Yorick.

  • Role: Fighter
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Yorick is a Fighter who very strong mid-late game. Yorick is one of those champions who has gone through great changes in the game but has never really caught a lot of popularity


  1. PASSIVE – SHEPHERD OF SOULS: The Cursed Horde: Yorick can summon Mist Walkers to swarm and attack nearby enemies.
  2. LAST RITES: Yorick deals bonus damage on his next attack and heals himself. If the target dies a grave will be dug.
  3. DARK PROCESSION: Yorick summons a destructible wall at target location that will block enemy movement.
  4. MOURNING MIST: Yorick throws a globule of Black Mist that damages, slows and marks enemies.
  5. EULOGY OF THE ISLES: Yorick summons the Maiden of the Mist that causes Yorick’s attacks against the Maiden’s target to deal bonus damage. The Maiden will also automatically raise Walkers from dead enemies.

Pros and Cons

+Melt towers
+Can solo Nashor
+Has cats
+ Good lane sustain.
+ Strong mid-late game.
+ Strong in lane against tanks.
+ Very good at splitpushing.
+ Independent playstyle
– Immobile
– Cat/Maiden reliant
– Very different playstyle compared to other champs

Wild Rift Yorick Spells

Wild Rift Yorick Runes

Wild Rift Yorick Items

Yorick’s starters


Yorick’s core items

Full Items

  • Top Yorick Item Build

Best Item Build VS AD, Tank, Assassin Champions

Best Item Build VS AP Champions

Ability Order Yorick Wild Rift

Skill Order: Skill 1 > Skill 2 > Skill 3


Combo Yorick Wild Rift

  • Skill 1 -> Skill 3 -> Skill 2 -> Ignite
  • Ultimate > Skill 3 > Skill 2 > AA > Skill 1 > AA > AA > AA > Skill 1

Counter to Yorick Wild Rift


Note that it is not the end of the world if you have to give up some CS early. Even if you are somewhat behind in farm, you will catch up as soon as the midgame arrives!

At level two (if you have 3-4 graves ready) you can look for a trade vs most champs.

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