Yuumi counter Wild Rift : Champions, Items & Tips

I will share the topic: ” How to Counter Yuumi in wild rift?”

Yuumi is an support compatible with every ADC.

To counter Yuumi, you need…

Who can counters Yuumi in wild rift?

As a Support

Items counters Yuumi in wild rift?

Using item to reduce her healing in lane.

Using items magic resistance.

Understand Yuumi


  • High utility.
  • Because of heals and shields high sustain.
  • Can disengage herself quickly.
  • Can recall with the other teammates
  • Compatible with every ADC.


  • She can’t start teamfights.
  • Squishy (so make sure you are attached).
  • Playing aggressive can cost alot of mana.
  • Struggles when alone.

Tips Counter Yuumi

Once Yuumi is level 6 and when she unlocks her Ultimate Final Chapter, her kill pressure increases. Back away if you’re low as she also has great gank setup at this time too.

Yuumi will look to poke you down with her Prowling Projectile
Skill 1. When she uses it, run inside the minion wave so she cannot easily land it.

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