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Best Azir build guides for League of Legends s14. We works hard to help you craft the best Azir build for the meta. Learn more about Azir’s Runes, Items, Matchups.

Azir Mid

Azir was a mortal emperor of Shurima in a far distant age, a proud man who stood at the cusp of immortality. His hubris saw him betrayed and murdered at the moment of his greatest triumph, but now, millennia later, he has been reborn as an Ascended being of immense power. With his buried city risen from the sand, Azir seeks to restore Shurima to its former glory.

Azir Spells

Azir Runes

  • Precision
  • Sorcery


++8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor

Azir Items



Core items


Full items


Azir Ability

  • Passive – SHURIMA’S LEGACY: Azir can summon the Disc of the Sun from the ruins of allied or enemy turrets.
  • Q – CONQUERING SANDS: Azir sends all Sand Soldiers towards a location. Sand Soldiers deal magic damage to enemies they pass through and apply a slow for 1 second.
  • W – ARISE!: Azir summons a Sand Soldier to attack nearby targets for him, replacing his basic attack against targets within the soldier’s range. Their attacks deal magic damage to enemies in a line. Arise! also passively grants attack speed to Azir and his Sand Soldiers.
  • E – SHIFTING SANDS: Azir shields himself briefly and dashes to one of his Sand Soldiers, damaging enemies. If he hits an enemy champion, he instantly readies a new Sand Soldier for deployment and halts his dash.
  • R – EMPEROR’S DIVIDE: Azir summons a wall of soldiers which charge forward, knocking back and damaging enemies.

Azir Ability Order

Skill order: Q > W > E


Azir Combo

W > E > Q > Flash > Q > Using Stasis Enchant

Azir Tips and Tricks

Early game

  • Often its Best to just farm early game
  • Dont use your abilities too much since you can run out of mana quickly.
  • Use your basic poke combo to harass competitor.

Mid game

  • You can go to the sidelane and continue farming.
  • If you have Teleport you can always join your team for teamfights.
  • Continue gaining experience and farm there to get even stronger.

Late game

  • Try to stay grouped with your team and go for 5v5 teamfights

Azir Pros and Cons

+ Good Waveclear
+ Long Range
+ Consistent Damage without Skillshots
+ Big Playmaking Potential with R
+ Best Lategame In LOL
+ Damage hits relevancy at just two complete items
+ Great mobility to escape from danger
+ Highest “base range” of all marksmen
+ Excellent objective taker and defender
+ One of the strongest anti-melee self-peels
+ Among the highest DPS outputs in the game.
– Weak health
– Squishy
– Dead if you have bad positioning
– Needs practice!
– Dependent on mana, Terrible laning phase; insufficient mana against two targets
– Excessively squishy; will blow up if touched
– Low sustain makes Azir especially weak to poke

Azir Threats & Synergies



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