Meta SP LoL 2023 – Support Tier List Season 13

This tier list will consist of all the current Meta Support 2023 (S13), ranked from Tier S+ tier (the best) to tier C.

S+ Tier

Meta SP LOL 2022 are: Blitzcrank, Nami, Heimerdinger, Lulu, Amumu, Janna.

S Tier

These champions are very good in solo queue and should always be taken in consideration.

A Tier

These champions are only decent if you are very skilled with the champion, otherwise you will fall behind much easier than the above tiers

B Tier

You are hindering your elo if you play these champions.

C Tier


Best Bot Lane Combo Season 13

  • Kai’sa – Rell.
  • Tristana – Maokai.
  • Jhin – Vel’Koz
  • Samira – Alistar
  • Vayne – Seraphine
  • Swain – Nautilus
  • Twitch – Lulu
  • Draven – Thresh
  • Ashe – Bard
  • Miss Fortune – Leona

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