Skirmisher TFT (Classes) Set 5.5: Comps, Items Build

Skirmisher TFT (Classes) Set 5.5: Skirmishers gain a shield at the start of combat, and gain Attack Damage each second.

  • 3 – 25% max Health Shield and +3 Attack Damage.
  • 6 – 45% max Health Shield and +6 Attack Damage.
  • 9 – 75% max Health Shield and +12 Attack Damage.


Items Build


Irelia surrounds herself with blades for 4 seconds and gains damage reduction, increasing by 10% each time she attacks, up to 90%. When the effect ends she strikes her target as magic damage.


Passive: Olaf gains Attack Speed for each 1% of missing health, and his attacks heal him.


Jax slams his target for % of his Attack Damage and gains stacking Attack Speed for the remainder of combat. Jax leaps to the nearest enemy if no target is in his Attack Range.


Kennen engulfs himself in flame, dashing behind his target, then to the farthest enemy. Enemies he passes through are zapped dealing magic damage and stunning them.


Nidalee transforms into a cougar, leaping behind the lowest Health enemy. While in cougar form, Nidalee gains 45% Dodge Chance and her Attack Range is reduced to 1 hex. Her every 4th attacks deals bonus magic damage.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin slams the ground, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and slowing their Attack Speed by 50% for 4 seconds.


Udyr swaps between Turtle and Tiger stance with each cast, gaining the following benefits: Turtle: Gain a Health shield for 4 seconds. Tiger: Strike 3 times quickly with his next attack for % of his Attack Damage.


Viego corrupts the soul of his target for 5 seconds, stunning them and dealing magic damage, increasing 100% each second. Viego will be interrupted if he is stunned, and Viego’s allies prefer not to target his victim during soul corruption. If his victim dies, they are resurrected at full Health to fight for him, but they lose their Health per second. Resurrected enemies receive the Trait bonuses of Viego’s team instead of their own.

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