Kayn counter Wild Rift : Best Picks Against Kayn

I will share the topic: ”How to Counter Kayn in wild rift?”

Kayn is one of the few full slayer junglers. He deals some incredible burst damage with some excellent mobility.

To counter Kayn, you need…

Understand Kayn


  • Very high damage.
  • Fast early clear
  • Deep item pool.
  • High mobility.
  • Unique gank paths.
  • Multiple playstyles in one champion.


  • Vulnerable to peel.
  • Once you pick a side you can’t change.
  • Average base stats.
  • Feast/Famine.
  • Lots of abilties = high skill floor.

Who can counters Kayn in wild rift?

Picking one champion you are familiar with and trying your best… Just make sure that champiom are up to the challenge, and are willing to go all out against this awful champion.


Best Picks Against Kayn: Sett, Master Yi, Rammus, Jax,…

Worst Picks Against Kayn: Dr. Mundo, Gragas, Amumu, Nasus,…

Items counters Kayn in wild rift?

Using items armor.

Using a Stasis Enchant before hits you.

Tips Counter

Kayn relies on his transformation to gain relevance. Before he gets it, pressure him as much as possible.

Dont put wards on ur normal spot, put it behind terrain to avoid ganks.

Avoid walking through the river alone if you’re unsure of Kayn’s location.

Try to peel your backline or set up vision so that you know where he is at all times.

Keep this in mind when fighting Kayn: At level 6, He can be more aggressive and go for riskier plays as he can use his Ultimate Umbral Trespass.

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