Master Yi Build S14 :: Runes, Items, Matchups [League of Legends]

Hey, We are Gametimeprime and this guide is about Master Yi Build s14 in League of Legends.

Best Master Yi build guides for League of Legends s14. We works hard to help you craft the best Master Yi build for the meta. Learn more about Master Yi’s Runes, Items, Matchups.

Master Yi Jungle

Master Yi Spells

Master Yi Runes

  • Precision
  • Domination

Master Yi Items


Full Items

Master Yi Skill


Every few consecutive basic attack, Master Yi strikes twice.


Master Yi teleports across the battlefield with blinding speed, dealing physical damage to multiple units in his path, while simultaneously becoming untargetable. Alpha Strike can critically strike and deals bonus physical damage to monsters. Basic attacks reduce Alpha Strike’s cooldown.


Master Yi rejuvenates his body by focus of mind, restoring Health and taking reduced damage for a short time. In addition, Master Yi will gain stacks of Double Strike and pause the remaining duration on Wuju Style and Highlander for each second he channels.


Grants bonus true damage on basic attacks.


Master Yi moves with unparalleled agility, temporarily increasing his Move Speed and Attack Speed as well as making him immune to all slowing effects. While active, Champion kills or assists extend Highlander’s duration. Passively reduces cooldown for his other abilities on a kill or assist.

Master Yi Ability Order

Skill order: Q > E > W

Master Yi Combo

Master Yi Tips and Tricks

Master Yi Pros and Cons


  • Ability Resets.
  • Hyper Carry Potential.
  • Strong Splittpush.
  • High Pentakill Potential.
  • Strong/Easy Turret Dives.
  • Tank Shredder thru Wuju Style.
  • High Mobility thru Alpha Strike, Highlander.
  • Highest Base Movement Speed in the Game.
  • Untargetability thru Alpha Strike and Slow Immunity thru Highlander.
  • Good Jungle Clear and Sustain/Tankiness thru Meditate.
  • Different Build Flexibility (Crit,Lethal,OnHit,Offtank).
  • One of the (if not the) Strongest 1v1 Late Game.


  • Squishy.
  • Relies very hard on Items.
  • If you fall behind it can be Hard to be useful.
  • Weak against Burst, especially AP Types.
  • No CC and vulnerable against Hard CC.
  • Strong LvL 1-2 but Weak Overall Early Game.

Master Yi Threats & Synergies



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