Katarina Build S14 :: Runes, Items, Matchups [League of Legends]

Hey, We are Gametimeprime and this guide is about Katarina Build s14 in League of Legends.

Best Katarina build guides for League of Legends s14. We works hard to help you craft the best Katarina build for the meta. Learn more about Katarina’s Runes, Items, Matchups.

Katarina Mid

Katarina Spells

Katarina Runes



Katarina Items


Core items

Full Items

Katarina Ability

  • PASSIVE – VORACITY: Whenever an enemy champion dies that Katarina has damaged recently, her remaining ability cooldowns are dramatically reduced. If Katarina picks up a Dagger, she uses it to slash through all nearby enemies, dealing magic damage.
  • Q – BOUNCING BLADE: Katarina throws a Dagger at the target that then bounces to nearby enemies before ricocheting onto the ground.
  • W – PREPARATION: Katarina gains a burst of Move Speed, tossing a Dagger into the air directly above herself.
  • E – SHUNPO: Katarina blinks to the target, striking it if its an enemy, or striking the nearest enemy otherwise.
  • R – DEATH LOTUS: Katarina becomes a flurry of blades, dealing massive magic damage while she channels to the 3 nearest enemy champions.

Katarina Ability Order

Skill Order: Q > E > W


Katarina Combo

Q -> E > W > Flash > E > R

Katarina Tips and Tricks

  • If you go in at the wrong time, you’re going to get CC’d and blown up by the enemy team.
  • In team fights, wait for the enemy to use their CC tools first so they’ll be unable to interrupt your combo.
  • Look for missing enemies before going in for a fight.
  • Remember that you don’t always have to look for squishy enemies/backline to focus on.
  • More practice, you’ll learn when and when you can’t go in and teamfight.

Katarina Pros and Cons

+ Katarina is strong in 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 team fights.
+ Katarina is a snowball heavy champion.
– Katarina is a melee champion – > Easy target for CC and damage.

Katarina Threats & Synergies



Katarina Skin

All Katarina Skins Spotlight (League of Legends).

Decisive in judgment and lethal in combat, Katarina is a Noxian assassin of the highest caliber. Eldest daughter to the legendary General Du Couteau, she made her talents known with swift kills against unsuspecting enemies. Her fiery ambition has driven her to pursue heavily-guarded targets, even at the risk of endangering her allies—but no matter the mission, Katarina will not hesitate to execute her duty amid a whirlwind of serrated daggers.

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