Meta Top lane 2021 – Best meta Top laners S11

This tier list will consist of all the current Meta Top Lane 2021 (s11) Laners ranked from S+ tier (the best) to D tier.

S+ (TIER 1)

Meta Top Lane 2021 is: Mordekaiser, Sett,… With high potential to snowball and carry games. Essential part to the team. There are champion you need Ban or Play, beacuse they very strong.

Mordekaiser’s Pros:

  • Gives true meaning for ”1v1”.
  • No mana, meaning you don’t have to worry about running out of resources.
  • Good all-in.
  • Has built-in sustain and shield.
  • Has AoE damage for teamfighting and clearing minion waves.
  • Can separate a strong enemy champion from a teamfight with his ultimate.

Sett’s Pros:

  • Incredibly tanky
  • Easy to use auto attack resets.
  • Enemy has a front line? Beat their backline with their frontline.
  • Has consistent % max health damage.
  • AoE CC is great in teamfights.

S (TIER 2)

Champions that are in the meta and generally do well, with clear purpose to the team.

A (TIER 3)

Overall weaker in damage/tank than S tier champions.

Champions that are in the meta, but either inconsistent or underperforming due to lower playmaking ability or other, more powerful champions being able to outplay and counter them.

B (TIER 4)

Champions have few weaknesses that can be mitigated by the player of the champion.

Champions that aren’t necessarily overlooked, but not doing as well as many others with many champions being able to outplay them.

C (TIER 5)

Champions have clear weaknesses that are often abused.

Champions that are not in the meta but have some potential to impact the game through playmaking, especially when experienced.

D (TIER 6)

This is champions are weak and lack the general ability to impact games. Please do not go near these Top Laner if you are trying to climb

Champions that are very inconsistent, lack playmaking potential, and/or struggle to duel and match the power of other top laners.

Best meta Top laners S11

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For top laners, there are three archetypes of champions that fluctuate as the meta changes: hyper-carries, support-style champions, and split pushers. 

Top lane hyper-carries put out insanely high damage in the blink of an eye and can usually hit multiple targets at once with high cleave and AoE damage. 

Support-style top laners are the beefiest tanks in the game, as: Malphite, Ornn, Maokai, Sion,…

Split pushers have a weak laning presence and a weaker ability to trade damage until they get a few items. 

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